Smartphone supported Event Management System

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Interactive cloud-based event content-handling application 
offered for program organisers


  • More precise overview

    By the use of this service organizers,
    exhibitors and sponsors gets an
    accurate picture with improved data

  • Efficient solution

    SmartEvents Application is the perfect solution
    to facilitate the administration
    of event organization

  • Targeted communication

    Participants of the event can be more
    transparent, so a perfectly intimate
    communication can be adopted

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Interactive technical solutions for Events

The Service facilitates the administration of event organization with
full-scale online solutions of paper-based evaluations, questions and requests.

The IT toolset of the event is supplemented with an interactive mobile application when Visitors use this service, so

  • customized and up to date information can be read about the event, the presentations and the speakers,
  • own-compiled „My topics” list can be created,
  • interactive map helps to get the event-location and the orientation within all the premises,
  • instant (push) messages will be received when „My Topics” list-items are shortly approaching,
  • interaction possible with the presenters in the QA section,
  • event and presentations can also be evaluated,
  • questions and requests can be sent,
  • presentations can be downloaded,
  • gameplays are also available, as QR hunting with the built-in QR code reader.

In the meantime the Event Organizer

  • can share the complete information brochures with the visitors,
  • can upload sponsor pages,
  • acquire registration entry support by the mobile application,
  • communicate in a very effective manner with the visitors,
  • follows visitors activities by the observations of QR hunting process and result – available anonymously as well -, so realtime identification possible in the way of identifying the more-or-less well-working sections of the event,
  • gets back cleaned, authentic information (evaluations, questions, further requests),
  • will have the most effective platform and personal greetings possibilities (e.g.: publishing presentations, news regarding the topics of presentations) when follow up occurs after the event ending,
  • can retrieve all data from the system and also capable to transfer into the CRM System when the event comes to the end.
Interactive technical solutions for Events
How do I use SmartEvents as event organizer?

How do I use SmartEvents® as event organizer?


  • 1


    Registration can be done by simply filling the form below and then you are instantly able to create your own event.

  • 2

    Create your own event!

    In case if this is the first time of creating and using an event.


  • 3

    Upload your data and useful information!

    All information in one place! Setlist of exhibitors, agenda, sponsor pages, maps – all that is important for visitors!

  • 4

    Evaluate statistics, whether in the midst of the event!

    Visitors can give readable and authentic feedback on their experiences, providing event organizers with instantly processable information, same as the visitors interaction can continuously be monitored during the event.

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How do I use SmartEvents® as visitor?

The application is absolutely free of charge.


  • 1

    Installation of the application

    Download the SmartEvents application either from the Google Play, Appstore, or Windows marketplace free of charge!

  • 2

    Read the QR code!

    Connect to the chosen event through reading the QR code generated by the event organizer.


  • 3

    Make extensive use of the application!

    All information of the event are available, either speakers, agenda or the map of the exhibition.

  • 4

    Establish connections with others!

    You can directly ask either the presenter or other visitors questions with the help of the interactive application.

Discover SmartEvents® mobile application innovations!

These new features are now available as a premium service!